Kyle Zemlak, COO

Kyle Zemlak COO
Kyle Zemlak serves as the Chief Operating Officer of PFP Industries. He brings over 30 years of Service Company and E&P experience. Kyle grew up in Northeastern Saskatchewan in a farming and forestry area that taught the importance of hard work and caring for the community.

Kyle graduated from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary with a diploma in Petroleum Engineering. He started his career in the oil industry by joining Dowell Schlumberger and held positions of all levels throughout Western, Arctic and Eastern Canada.Kyle left the service sector joining the E&P side of the business and performed Completions and Drilling roles from onsite supervision, engineering design and project management for Amoco, BP, Chevron, Nexen and Hunt Oil in Canada, the United States and Yemen.

Utilizing his diverse background, Kyle joined Pioneer Natural Resources in Colorado to manage the integrated businesses and drilling operations. This allowed the use of all his past experiences and developed new skills needed to oversee the complete construction of a 300 well / year business (from location building to final production tie in). Kyle inherited and built large and small teams that excelled in safe and high performing operations.

During his tenure at Pioneer, he and his leadership team built the 12th largest hydraulic fracturing company in North America, Pioneer Natural Resources Pumping Services LLC. This division of Pioneer Natural Resources was established in 2005 and became a separate entity in June of 2011.

The entire pumping business started with a core team of 50 people and grew to over 850 employees in a short period of time while developing the critical Key Performance Indicators and processes to exceed the 98% efficiencies required to perform in today’s environment.

Kyle has been fortunate to have had the opportunity of working in various organizations around the world and is using all his past experiences with the amazing team at PfP Industries to bring leading technology, products and services to the oil and gas industry throughout the world.