Asoke Deysarkar, Owner

Asoke Deysarkar, Owner | PfP Industries

Born in Gua, India, Asoke earned his B.Sc. and B.Tech from the Indian institute of Technology where he graduated with distinct honors. Asoke eventually moved to the U.S. in 1978 to begin his career, but little did he know that his home country would literally and figuratively plant the seed for the multi-million-dollar company that exists today.

After attaining his Masters and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Greater Manchester (Salford), Asoke became well immersed in the oil and gas industry, starting his career at Dresser Industries (acquired by Halliburton) in Houston as a project engineer focused on hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, and fluid rheology. He also managed the business relationship between the US and Japan and became the primary liaison for Japanese OEMs as it relates to lubricants.

Following his time with Pennzoil, Asoke’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch his first business: “Products for People”, a Houston-based company that formulated and distributed products for automotive after-market. He then embarked on another product line involving guar, a tiny seed grown mainly in India. Guar, a naturally occurring polymer used as a thickener for water in fracturing of oil and gas wells, became the basis for the venture that would eventually spin off into the full-scale stimulation chemicals company we know today as PfP Industries.

Over the years, Asoke and his team have expanded PfP Industries to include five companies, a guar manufacturing plant in India, and distribution sites across the U.S. Asoke is not only the founder of a Top 100 Company in Houston, but it also is tied to philanthropy work locally and in India. He and his wife, Ruma, are involved in propagating Tagore’s message, creating a Petroleum Engineering Department at IIT Kharagpur, and other projects. They also helped to build a Tagore Grove in Miller Park in W. Houston.