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On the cutting edge of research & 
development and lab capabilities

PfP Industries' mission and philosophy have always been centered around people first.

In-House Solutions Accelerate Response Time

PfP Industries is among the world leaders of guar slurries, cross-linkers, breakers,
friction reducers, ​clay stabilizers and other stimulation chemicals.
In-House Solutions Accelerate Response Time

New & Innovative Solutions

The perfect mix of services, product development, & improvement

PfP Industries is the perfect mix of services, offering chemical blending, product development, distribution, oilfield storage, and water treatment for the hydraulic fracturing industry.

We are constantly conducting research to develop and innovate new solutions as well as demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement of existing products and services. Our units are mobile and can be deployed quickly to any location.
Technology R&D Lab Capabilities
At our Katy lab, we have constructed a full suite of laboratory equipment and research tools ranging from basic fluid test to complex analysis.
Innovation & Design
We have placed continuous improvement and innovation at the forefront of our business model.
Explore PfP's history of technological advances that has enabled the development of world-class patented solutions

We are experts in developing and distributing oilfield chemicals, equipment to pump dry powders, and clean water systems.