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State-of-the-art equipment delivered straight to you

PfP provides rugged equipment units that perform a variety of special applications for blending and bulk handling of stimulation chemicals.

Whether you are working with wet or dry materials, we have equipment for both, and our units are designed in house by our own innovative teams to ensure they are high performance, built to last, and designed to withstand all conditions.

Our units are mobile and can be deployed quickly to any location. They get the job done.

Specialty Equipment

Here to Serve You

We inspect, calibrate, and test each unit before deployment to ensure smooth operation, and we will provide trained personnel to work alongside your team 24/7.
We even provide on-site repair and maintenance to reduce downtime.
We bring our equipment to your site so that you can use it on your schedule.
In addition, leasing our equipment, reduces your environmental footprint.
PFP serves customers across the nation.
Our equipment may be leveraged by any industry with large scale mixing needs, from oil and gas to agricultural operations.