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Our oil field equipment places us at the forefront of innovation and manufactured solutions.

Product LineTrade NameProducts
Friction Reducers SuspensionsPOLYglide* SeriesPOLYglide Xcel-200
POLYglide Xcel-200 PLUS
POLYglide Xcel-150
POLYglide Xcel-150 PLUS
POLYglide ProCharge-200
Friction Reducers EmulsionsPOLYglide* SeriesPOLYglide Xcel-E10
POLYglide Xcel-E15
POLYglide Xcel-E20
POLYglide Xcel-E10
POLYglide ProCharge-E40
Gelling Agents — GuarPOLYfrac* SeriesPOLYfrac Alpha powder
POLYfrac Alpha M-4.0
POLYfrac Plus powder
POLYfrac Plus M-4.0
Non-EmulsifiersPOLYstim* SeriesPOLYstim NE-102
POLYstim NE-100W
POLYstim NE-102W
Scale InhibitorsPOLYstim* SeriesPOLYstim SI-110N
POLYstim SI-204N
POLYstim 51-309N
POLYstim SI-311W
CrosslinkersPOLYlink* SeriesPOLYlink BXL-0.2
POLYlink BBXL-1.0
POLYlink DXL-2
POLYlink IBXL-20
BreakersPOLYbreak* SeriesPOLYbreak Omega-3
POLYbreak Omega-11
POLYbreak SPB (sodium perbotate)
POLYbreak AP (ammonium persulfate)
Flowback SurfactantsFOSSILFlow* SeriesFOSSILFlow FBA-102
BiocidesPOLYcide* SeriesPOLYcide GQ12:3
POLYcide GQ25:10
POLYcide DD10
Clay Control AgentsPOLYstirn* SeriesPOLYstim CS-70 (Choline Chloride)
POLYstim CS-100 (Choline Chloride Alternative)
POLYstim CS-102 (Choline Choloride Alternative)

Specialty Chemicals

PfP Industries strives to be an industry leader by embracing and employing the latest innovations in technology, and in so doing, all of our products are designed to be problem-solvers. Our Stimulation Chemicals product line provides a wide range of fracturing chemicals to help keep your business running smoothly and effectively.

Use of Stimulation chemicals

In the past, fracking has escalated. This practice allows for production in an even wider, more varying array of locations. It has also required oilfield chemical manufacturers to provide more selected Stimulation solutions.

These Stimulation Chemicals can be used in fracturing, re-frac, hot oil applications,  acid stimulation, disperse asphaltene, and paraffin to remove the near wellbore damage and increase the oil production.

Extensive Range of Products

Oilfield stimulation chemicals include an extensive range of specialty chemicals intended to augment and support the stimulation process.  PfP Industries has a broad selection of manufactured stimulation solutions that can restore or improve the productivity of a well. Better recovery of oil and gas from the targeted formation is a result of the improvement in the productivity of the new flow channels in the well. The PfP Industries specialty chemicals support and enhance the stimulation process, increasing the flow of oil and gas.

Upstream Chemicals

Oilfield stimulation is the process of upgrading the oil wells for the purpose of increasing oil production and increasing the flow of hydrocarbons. Chemicals used in the process of oil and gas well intervention are oilfield stimulation chemicals. PfP Industries can deliver a complete line of products and services to the upstream section of the well.

Products like acids and biocides are used to control the bacteria present in the fracturing fluid at the surface. Corrosion inhibitors are frequently needed in highly acidic and saline environments in order to protect the metal equipment. Friction pressure is a concern during the pumping process and can be efficiently managed by using friction inhibitors. The viscosity of fluids can be controlled by using gelling agents.

Oilfield Chemicals List of Products

With the development of new technologies and innovative chemicals, stimulation has now become an easy process. PfP Industries has a complete and comprehensive selection of Stimulation Chemicals for every oilfield well stimulation challenge. You can choose from proven products that include friction reducers, crosslinkers, breakers, scale inhibitors, biocides, surfactants, and guar gelling agents.

Our specialty products include Friction Reducers in dry, emulsions, and suspensions. We also produce and distribute gelling agent Guar. In the POLYstim Series, we carry Non-emulsifiers and Scale Inhibitors. Other products include Crosslinkers, Breakers, Flowback Surfactants, Biocides, and Clay Control Agents. Our group of specialty products, along with our professional customer service are mixed and maintained at a high level to ensure superior quality.

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