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Guar is an important substance used during the oil extraction process in the oilfield.  PfP Industries provides this gelling agent, or guar gum powder, in the POLYfrac series of the stimulation chemicals.  

 In order to release oil and natural gas that are trapped in subsurface rock, drilling companies have to pump fluids down a well under pressures that are high enough to fracture the subsurface rock.  During hydraulic fracturing guar powder is added to this water to increase its viscosity and make high pressure pumping and fracturing more efficient. Guar and its derivatives HPG (HydroxyPropyl Guar), CMG (CarboxyMethyl Guar) and CMHPG (CarboxyMethylHydroxyPropyl) are the most common gelling agents used for fracturing at the oil wellsite. 

Guar is grown predominantly in north-western India and Pakistan.  Smaller crops are grown in the semiarid areas of the high plains of Texas, Australia and Africa.  There has been an increased demand for the use of guar in the hydraulic fracturing extraction of oil and shale gas.  Only 10% of Indian production is used domestically and the remaining 90% is exported for shale gas and oil industries.  

Normally the two types of guar powder are available.  These two types are for use in food grade or edible form and the industrial grade guar powder widely utilized in various practices like batteries, explosives, mining and many more.  The industrial grade guar powder from PfP Industries is best applied in the oilfield processes.  The seed coat and germ of guar are removed after harvesting.  This is called a Guar Split.  The Guar Split is ground to form guar powder.  PfP Industries POLYfrac series includes Alpha powder, Alpha M-4.0, Plus powder, and Plus M-4.0.  This white powder is known as guar gum and is water soluble and used as a thickener.  It is very similar to corn starch but has about eight times the thickening power. This “thickening” or stiffening of water enables the water to carry sand sideways into wells drilled by horizontal fracturing or fracking. 

The use of guar in fracturing is important.  The main purpose of additives in fracturing fluids is to enhance the fabrication of fracture while reducing the formation damage.  Adding PfP Industries POLYfrac guar products in fracturing fluids helps in maintaining high viscosities  that are required during the oil well fracturing operation.  The use of PfP Industries guar gum powder in oil well fracturing can enhance the ability of the fracturing liquid to carry the proppant.  The colloidal solids present in it make fracturing fluids more productive to give out less filter product and consequently reduces the wastage. 

Gelling agents such as guar powder from the POLYfrac series at PfP Industries is an additive that plays an important role in the performance of drilling fluids during the bore well drilling process.  The efficiency of the drilling process at oil and natural gas wells can be enhanced for improved productivity with the use of appropriate and good additives such as guar.  Guar gum or powder is used as a stabilizing, thickening and suspending agent in drilling fluids.  Guar powder helps to balance the viscosity levels of the drilling mud if used as a viscosity enhance.  And it will help the drilling fluids to move the drill waste from the deepest of holes while providing a smoother undertaking with reduced friction in the holes.  Guar gum or powder from PfP Industries POLYfrac series will also help in a structured process with minimized water loss.

Guar gum or powder from the POLYfrac series of stimulation chemicals at PfP Industries is an important product for oilfield and natural gas processes.  PfP Industries is a leading supplier of guar gum products in the USA and abroad and offers high quality guar gum powder and guar gum derivatives for applications in the oil and natural gas fields.  

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