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Lab Capabilities

Testing, Analysis & Product Development

PfP Industries' mission and philosophy have always been centered around people first.

A Broad Range of Testing Equipment

Featuring a full suite of equipment ranging from basic fluid test to complex analysis, including quick response to time-sensitive challenges.

The Katy, TX facility provides comprehensive services for customer projects, operations support, and new product development. PfP Industries positions support services in every operating facility to test field samples and pilot test solutions, limiting the time necessary to provide results and quickly confirm the quality of all PFP products. In-house technicians are onsite to perform quality checks at every corner.


4x HTHP Grace M5600 Rotational Rheometer
2X HTHP Chandler 5550 Rotational Rheometer
Anton Paar MCR-102 Oscillatory Rheometer
Multiple Fann 35’s, OFITE 900’s, Grace 3600’s


ThermoFisher iCAP7400 R
OES Analyzer
Auto-Sampler ASX-560

Flow Loop

10-gallon capacity
Pipe ID 0.364“
Length 5 feet
Flowrate 12 gpm
Re ~104,000
Full produced water capacity


Kruss DSA25e Tensiometer
Surface Tension
Contact Angle
Interfacial Tension