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A Rich History of Patented Solutions

Continuous Technological

Continuous Technological Improvements and Advancements

Since 2014, we have made significant investments in pursuing and filing for patents that secure our proprietary, bespoke solutions.

The below timeline tells the story of our rich track record of innovation over the years.

4 Applied Patents
17 Applied Patents
PfP Began Providing Dry Guar to BJ Driven by the BJ Relationship
2002 - 2005
PfP was a Trading Company Importing Guar
2005 - 2008
PfP Added Guar Slurries &Blending Operations for Customers
2008 - 2014
Added Polymers & Specialty Additives,
Expanded with Shale Plays Across the U.S.
(BJ, Sanjel, FracTech, HES, SLB, PNR)
2014 - 2019
Expanded Polymers, Specialty Products,
& Manufacturing Specialty Built Equipment for Internal Blending, Toll Blending, and Location Delivery
2019 - Current
Continue to grow the Dry FR & Guar Business
Focusing on Customers and starting new business in the personal care products while adding to the Oil and Gas Products
FR-EZ Technology
One patent newly issued - use in hydraulic fracturing.
2nd application filed around improved properties of friction reducers and gels.
3rd application filed around thee use of FR-EZ Technology in the production of polymers
4th application being prepared around the use of FR-EZ Technology in the production of hand sanitizers

FR Technology
Friction reduction in high TDS water - one application filed and being processed
Improved properties of friction reducers - improving FR performance through better hydration methods (1b above)
Cross-linker Technology
Microemulsion Technology