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What is PRRO Water Treatment?

PRRO Water is professional-grade water that can be reused. It can provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution to water management for wastewater challenges. This type of water management is a design initiative of PfP Industries. For PRRO means PfP Technology, RecyClean Services, Roughneck Equipment, and OptiBlend Industries.

Environmentally Friendly

The most natural resource, water is not only the basis of life but if used properly can be a key resource for industrial applications, agriculture, recreation, and domestic use. PRRO Water can bridge the gap between supply and demand in these resources by supplying a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to a sustainable water management solution.

Industries served

Water can be reused for many different purposes. Some of the businesses that PfP Industries assist are oil and gas production, petrochemical and refineries, mining, industrial, agricultural, and municipal waste. PfP Industries is motivated by environmental stewardship, scientific, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to increase the overall bottom line.


PRRO water treatment can be used as a cost-effective water management solution. PfP Industries' desire is to identify and apply the best combination of water treatment technologies and chemistries to optimize the process and treatment cost. PRRO Water is the solution for all of your wastewater issues.

Advantages of Hydro-Pod

PRRO Water treatment provides a holistic solution to the wastewater impurities process by utilizing mechanical and physical technologies along with chemical solutions. The Hydro-pod technology is a one-stop solution for all kinds of wastewater such as produced and flow back water and industrial wastewater.  The synergistic combination is flexible and compatible at different stages of the treatment process and has made the desalination process more cost-effective and efficient. Hydro-pod treated water has been reused for oil field applications and agricultural purposes.

PRRO Water Treatment

PfP Technology

PfP Technology is a world leader in the supply of guar gum and related products for the hydraulic fracturing and oilfield completions industry. Our products include crosslinkers, breakers, friction reducers, guar slurries, clay stabilizers, and other stimulation chemical solutions. Our chemicals and guar slurries are formulated in-house from proprietary PfP recipes. PfP Industries serves and supplies all of the most active basins in America, and our network of facilities and distribution assets continues to grow. Our 75-acre primary manufacturing facility and distribution hub is located in Katy, TX, and is strategically located to receive imports through the Port of Houston. We can ship and transport to our other blending and distribution satellites in Texas, Wyoming, Montana, and Ohio. We can also ship directly from the Kay location to customers and field locations in South Texas, East Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. PfP Industries is committed to serving by continuing our tradition of growth, expertise, and in-house solutions development.

RecyClean Services

Built upon developed technology and 30-plus years of hydro-frac experience, the Hydro-Pod water treatment is the only technology that addresses 9-plus impurities in one treatment to alleviate the risks associated with reusing produced water. Using a proprietary process employing ozone and bi-metallic electrocoagulation to eliminate the need for risky oxidizers and their associated liability, the Hydro-Pod can process  2.5 to 3 BPM daily to meet regulatory requirements. It can also serve as a centralized processing facility to run multiple well locations. This process can nearly eliminate liability from transporting and disposing of contaminants. It can be easily and efficiently run by those without a highly technical or engineering-related background and is a favorite among operators.


Mobility is key to servicing the drilling and hydraulic fracturing industry. Roughneck Equipment, established in 2012, provides leased equipment designed, fabricated, and serviced from within. The equipment is mostly mobile and designed for field blending and bulk storage of dry and liquid materials.

Optiblend Industries, Inc.

Optiblend Industries, Inc. provides blending, storage, and distribution for PfP Technology and other customers. All of our facilities are staffed with trained and qualified personnel to perform the blending, quality control, and distribution 24/7 as required.

Products for People

PfP suggests, “Products For People”. PfP Industries products, services, and business vision is motivated by environmental stewardship, scientific, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to increase the overall bottom line for you and your business.  Visit for more information about PRRO Water treatment.

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