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Our oil field equipment places us at the forefront of innovation and manufactured solutions.

Specialty chemical products have become invaluable solutions to issues faced while fracking oil and gas wells. PfP Industries has designed specialty chemical products that are produced to enhance the efficiency and production of these wells from acidizing to hydraulic stimulation. At PfP industries, these specialty chemical products are prepared, stored, and mixed with utmost care to keep the well life cycle running smoothly and efficiently with reduced cost and greater returns.  

As a specialty chemical products supplier, PfP Industries has fine-tuned field formulations and is ready for distribution during peak stimulation activity on-site.  PfP Industries has risen to the challenge to fulfill obligations to regulatory agencies for specialty chemicals.   In everyday business, product quality control, reliability, deliverability, and HSE compliance are top goals at PfP Industries.  

PfP Industries has adopted a quality and productivity strategy in packaging and labeling  as well as storage and shipment of the finished product. An added benefit is minimization of specialty chemical product waste at the wellsite.  Because of this, PfP Industries has reduced chemical returns which results in more satisfied customers.  

Specialty chemical products at PfP Industries include:  Friction Reducers-Suspensions, Friction Reducers-Emulsions, Gelling Agents-Guar, Non-Emulsifiers, Scale Inhibitors, Crosslinkers, Breakers, Flowback Surfactant, Biocides, and Clay Control Agents.  Each of these specialty chemical classes has at least 4 different products to choose from.  

The most critical additive for getting the most performance out of the stimulation process is the Friction Reducer.  

At PfP Industries Friction Reducer Suspensions and Emulsions are listed under the trade name POLYglide Series.  These specialty chemicals are used to provide consistent, reliable, and smooth performance during slickwater well stimulations.  These products are used to reduce turbulent flow during pumping operations allowing frac to create fissures and place sand in less time and with less power.

Gelling Agents such as Guar, from the POLYfrac series of specialty chemical products is a gelling agent that is an essential additive in today’s hydraulic fracturing processes and can be found at PfP Industries.  Guar gum is a water soluble, non-ionic polysaccharide produced from the seed of the guar plant that is native to India and Pakistan. Guar is added to water to create a suspension slurry or thickening agent to build viscosity and, ultimately, helps keep proppant in suspension long enough for it to reach its intended target deep within the fissures in the rock.

Another specialty chemical product at PfP Industries is Non-Emulsifiers from the POLYstim series that are used to break down emulsions which prevent oil and water from mixing.  The main purpose of this non-emulsification agent is to break up emulsion before the stimulated well is put back to production and to speed up the separation of water and oil from the initial well flow-back fluid.  

A specialty chemical product from the POLYstim series at PfP Industries is Scale Inhibitor which is used to prevent the formation of scale from blocking or obstructing fluid flow in the water systems through valves, pumps and pipelines used in production gathering, and processing.  PfP's Scale Inhibitor is a specialty chemical product that will adhere to the interior surface of the system components to delay and prevent scale deposition.

At PfP Industries, Crosslinkers are available as four different POLYlink products and used to maximize fluid viscosity and proppant transportation at lower stimulation rates. This chemical is mixed with guar to create a viscous gel to be used in stimulation or pipeline cleaning treatments. The Crosslinkers products can help lower treatment and restimulation costs.

Breakers are a specialty chemical that ‘break’ the crosslinked frac fluid, reducing the fluid viscosity and allowing easier cleanup after the treatment.  PfP Industries includes these products in the POLYbreak Series and incorporates sodium perborate and ammonium persulfate along with Omega-3 and Omega-11.  These breakers can be used in hydraulic fracturing applications, at the end of jobs, and during flushes.

Flowback Surfactants are an important group of specialty chemical products offered by PfP Industries from the FOSSILflow Series.  They are used to enhance fluid recovery after fracturing and are key to optimizing treatment fluid recovery, prevent down-hole emulsions, and to improve IP and long-term production after fracturing. These Flowback Surfactants help prevent water blocks and perform well in fresh water while being compatible with most fracturing fluid products.

Biocides are a specialty chemical product found at PfP Industries that kill bacteria.  These Biocides can be used to control sulfate-reducing bacteria, slime-forming bacteria, iron-oxidizing bacteria and bacteria that attack polymers in fracture and secondary recovery fluids.  The POLYcide series chemical effectively treats bacterial metabolisms such as acids, scales, slime and poisonous gases.

When reactive clays are present, swelling, dispersion, and migration can have a negative influence on production.  PfP Industries can provide clay control agents from the POLYstim Series that can prevent the migration or swelling of these clay particles in reaction to water-base fluid.  The clay control stabilizers are used in oil and gas wells for workover and intervention operations.

At PfP Industries there are many options when working to improve stimulation and efficiency of oil and gas wells. Our chemistry experts can help identify reasons for flow impairment and recommend the most cost effective logical specialty Hi chemical products to solve production issues and maximize return on investment.

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