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Our oil field equipment places us at the forefront of innovation and manufactured solutions.

Oil Field Equipment

PfP Industries strives to be an industry leader by embracing and employing the latest innovations in technology, and in so doing, all of our products are designed to be problem-solvers. Our Oil Field Equipment Line provides rugged equipment units that perform a variety of special applications for blending and bulk handling of stimulation chemicals and can be delivered straight to you.

Wet or Dry Materials

Whether you are working with wet or dry materials, PfP Industries has equipment for both, and our units are designed in-house by our own innovative teams to ensure they are high performance, built to last, and designed to withstand all conditions.

NextGen FR-EZ Dual system

PfP Industries offers the NextGen FR-EZ Dual system that integrates two complete mixing systems in a single unit. This high-speed mixing service can be used in oil and gas drilling and completion operations. It is designed for efficiency, safety, and environmental requirements. NextGen FR-EZ is a portable mixing system that consists of two high-speed mixing pumps designed to deliver stimulation chemicals at once or can be used as a backup or as an independent mixing system.  It is fully integrated with third-party equipment, has an 8’x12’ footprint, and has a 22 lb. /minimum delivery per side. It also has a 3500 lb. bulk container on each side and is fully electric. The NextGen FR-EZ can be combined with an external boost skid.


PfP Industries offers the POLYMXR™ FR-EZ BOOST SKID. This Dual FR-EZ system also integrates two complete mixing systems in a single unit. The second mixing system can be used as a backup or as independent mixing systems capable of running two different products at once. It is used to help companies solve process issues while improving efficiency and helps in creating an efficient custom skid solution that eliminates the need for re-work. The POLYMXR™ FR-EZ BOOST SKID can boost the dry FR-EZ discharge to the missile with a maximum rate of 180 gpm and a maximum discharge pressure of 150 psi using a discharge connection of 1x - 2” fig 200 thread. Suction is required at 4” fig 200 wings times 4 and fresh water supply is required. Power requirement is 480v 3ph, 60a stead, 100a surge (100kw gen to run FR-EZ with this boost skid).  The dimensions are 6’ x 12’, and 5000 lbs. The discharge flow rate is available via various com protocols and the unit can also be used as a standalone metering pump.

FR Solution


The five key features to look for in deciding the proper slurry pump are slurry pump design, pump construction material, slurry pump deployment, and correct slurry pump power sizing. PfP Industries has designed the BCU Pump Skid to meet all these requirements. It is a self-contained pump unit for FR Slurries and the discharge of FR slurry is metered to the fleet equipment. The BCU PUMP SKID can recirculate slurry in a bulk container and the operational data is available to stream to the Datavan. The pump unit can also be mounted directly to an ISO or placed on the ground for easy access.


The specifications for the BCU Pump Skid include an on board diesel generator with a progressive cavity pump that includes a 5HP electric motor. It has automated transfer and recirculation modes. Flowing conditions in the pump skid are controlled by a Coriolois flow meter. There is an optional bulk tank heater available for cold climates and is available to read in blender clean rates. The dimensions of the BCU Pump Skid are 38”W x 51”H x 78”L and is 2200 lbs. It also has a metered discharge ranging betwee 0.25 gpt@80 bpm to 8 gpt@100.

POLYMXR Unit - Dry Guar Solution

The POLYMXR Unit provides and performs dry guar solution at the well site. The POLYMXR Unit designed by PfP Industries can batch the gel on the fly at approximately a 4:1 concentration and the gel is fully hydrated when discharged. A hydration unit is not required. Also, a pneumatic bulk trailer is used to refill the onboard hopper. The clean rate is monitored live and the discharge rate is adjusted to maintain system loading. System loading can be remotely entered as well. Loading changes are instantaneous and system variables can be broadcast to the data van for live viewing with the POLYMXR Unit. It has fully automated controls, and is powered by a CAT C7.1 diesel engine. The load cells are used to measure the quantity of dry material for each batch and is introduced into the mixing stream via a hootonanny or eductor.

Here to Serve You

Repair and Maintenance

The experts at PfP Industries inspect, calibrate, and test each unit before deployment to ensure smooth operation. We will provide trained personnel to work alongside your team 24/7. We even provide on-site repair and maintenance to reduce downtime.

Delivery and Leasing

PfP Industries will bring our equipment to your site so that you can use it on your schedule. In addition, leasing our equipment reduces your environmental footprint.

Mobile and Quick

PfP Industries serves customers across the nation. Our equipment may be leveraged by any industry with large scale mixing needs, from oil and gas to agricultural operations. Our units are mobile and can be deployed quickly to any location. They get the job done.

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