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In order to make the best use of your operations you need a fracturing fluid chemical that minimizes fluid friction pressure. PfP Industries offers a variety of Friction Reducers through their POLYGlide series of Dry and Suspension based FR’s. These products are specifically designed to lower pumping pressures while using less product and in less time. PfP Industries provides these friction reducers for all fracture fluid qualities, from fresh water to complex brines, enabling flexibility in water management. 

PfP Industries

PfP Industries is a world leader in the supply of polyacrylamide (FR), guar gum, and stimulation chemicals for the hydraulic fracturing and oilfield completions industry, with over 25 years of experience.

Friction Reducers

A friction reducer, as the name suggests, is a chemical additive used in various industrial processes, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), to reduce frictional resistance between fluids and surfaces. In the context of fracking, friction reducers are added to the fracturing fluid to decrease the pressure required to pump the fluid into the wellbore and to push it through the fractures in the rock formation. PfP Industries POLYGlide series includes a variety of friction reducers formulated to improve hydraulic fracturing operations. The products are known for their effectiveness and efficiency.

Lower Pumping Pressures

The POLYGlide series from PfP Industries is designed to help reduce pumping pressures during hydraulic fracturing. Friction reducers help decrease the pressure needed to pump the fracturing fluid into the wellbore. This reduction in pressure translates to lower pumping costs and less wear and tear on pumping equipment.

Less Product, Less Time

Friction reducers are crucial during the injection of fracturing fluid into the wellbore to reduce the pressure required for pumping. By using a less friction reducer volume, the POLYGlide series from PfP Industries can save operators both time and costs during fracturing operations.


PfP Industries provides friction reducers suitable for various fracture fluid types, from fresh water to a variety of brines. This versatility enables flexibility in water management and allows operators to use different types of fluids as needed.

Pushing Fluid Through Fractures

Friction reducers are especially important when pushing the fracturing fluid into the fractures within the rock formation. High frictional resistance can impede the fluid's ability to penetrate the rock, limiting the effectiveness of the fracturing process.

Friction reducers are used by adding them to the fracturing fluid system before injection into the well. The concentration of the friction reducer is carefully controlled to achieve the desired reduction in frictional pressure while avoiding any adverse effects on the overall fracturing process or the formation itself.

Benefits of Friction Reducers

The POLYGlide series friction reducers from PfP Industries improve the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing by reducing pumping pressures and allowing operators to use less product. By minimizing friction, friction reducers from PfP Industries enable the fracturing fluid to flow more smoothly through the wellbore and into the fractures in the rock formation. This improved fluid mobility enhances the effectiveness of the fracturing process by allowing the fluid to reach a larger area within the formation.

Cost Savings

PfP’s Friction Reducers allow Operations to use less product (chemical additive) while achieving the desired reduction in frictional pressure. This optimization provides cost savings and increases resource efficiency.

Flexibility in Water Management

The ability to use different types of fracture fluids, including fresh water and complex brines, provides flexibility and adaptability in various hydraulic fracturing operations.

Reliability and Consistency

PfP Industries' long-standing reputation and experience in the industry ensure that their products are reliable and consistent in performance.


PfP Industries' POLYGlide series of friction reducers is designed to meet the demands of the hydraulic fracturing and oilfield completions industry. Their products offer benefits such as lower pumping pressures, cost savings, and versatility in fluid management. Operators in the industry can rely on PfP Industries' experience and innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and success of their hydraulic fracturing operations. Call us today to learn how PfP’s solution can help you.

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