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In order to make the best use of your operations you need a fracturing fluid chemical that minimizes fluid friction pressure.   PfP Industries offers a variety of Friction Reducers-Suspensions through their POLYGlide series.  These products are specifically designed to deliver lower pumping pressures using less product in less time.  PfP Industries provide these friction reducers for all fracture fluid types, from fresh water to brines, enabling flexibility in water management.  

Fracking fluid or hydraulic fracturing fluid is composed of primarily water that is mixed with sand and then combined with a few additives such as a friction suspension that improves the fluid’s performance. The proppant, or sand, keeps the small fissures that are created by the hydraulic fracturing operation from collapsing when the oil well moves into the production stage. Pumping this mixture, or slurry, down into the wellbore generates friction between the fracking fluid and the well’s piping.  Wear and tear on the pumps and other drilling equipment is increased when friction occurs.  Friction suspension additives from PfP Industries are crucial to well stimulation performance.  

PfP Industries provide chemicals to fracturing operations that need large amounts of water, which is then pumped at a high pressure to make fracture shales successful.  Water is then treated with these friction-reducing additives to reduce the loss of pressure from frictional forces such as dirt and sand.   

Friction suspension reducers are calculated to reduce the friction in the wellbore during the drilling and stimulation processes in unconventional reservoirs in the same manner with coal beds and shales.  The large volumes of water pumped, and high rates, result in high friction pressures from turbulent fluid flow.  This is why a chemical such as a friction suspension reducer is needed.  

Friction reducers from PfP Industries are intended to help make the hydraulic fracturing fluid slicker.  This process is sometimes named “slickwater” for the entire process.  Polyacrylamide, a water-soluble polymer, is added to the friction suspension to help reduce friction and boosts the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid.  The reduced friction increases pump efficiency, and the increased viscosity helps keep the proppant in suspension and evenly distributed throughout the fluid. 

When large volumes of water are pumped, and high rates are required, this results in high friction pressures from turbulent fluid flow.  Using water alone does not give the needed results.    Cationic or anionic friction suspension chemicals, like PfP Industries provides, help to reduce turbulence and lessen friction losses. 

In many applications, the water is not gelled and the roughness caused by the high flow rates results in high frictional pressure in the wellbore.  A small amount of friction suspension is usually added to the water to reduce frictional forces, and its viscosity usually drops.  PfP Industries is committed to helping keep production at the highest level possible. 

Delivering huge amounts - 60 to 100 barrels - of fracturing fluid at extremely high pressure through a wellbore thousands of feet deep below the surface presents many challenges when doing a slickwater well stimulation.  The goal is to hydraulically fracture the underground rock where the oil and natural gas are trapped.  Friction Suspension reducer from PfP Industries can help generate viscosity with proper loadings.  

While it is challenging, PfP Industries friction suspension can be functional in most climate types.  Although friction reducer chemicals can freeze in colder weather, the weight and type of oil can help to determine the pour point of the friction suspension.  The experts at PfP Industries can assist in finding the correct chemical needed.

PfP Industries friction suspension chemicals can benefit hydraulic fracturing with quick inversion, significant cost savings and less product per stage.  It can also tolerate brine formulations and is simple to operate.  These friction suspension chemicals in the POLYglide series from PfP Industries creates a smaller onsite footprint and enhances safety onsite.  

By providing fricions suspension chemicals to oil and gas companies, PfP Industries is helping to conserve, reuse and recycle water.  

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