Suresh Pala, CFO

Prior to joining PfP, Suresh ran his own CPA firm serving small businesses in various industries across the United States for 18 years. Suresh became acquainted with the concept of PfP through his client, Ground Technology, an engineering company owned and operated by Ruma Acharya, Asoke Deysarkar’s wife.

As part of the founding team, Suresh worked on getting PfP off the ground in 2001 while continuing to run his accounting firm. In 2011, he joined PfP Industries full time as CFO. He believes success is found in building strong rapport with internal and external customers and always striving to “do what is right”. Suresh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from M.S. University of Baroda India and speaks five languages: English, Kudrhati, Swahili, Hindi, and French.